GMGIS Offline app

“Precision measurements with Trimble GPS integration for Catalyst” GMGIS 2

(GEOGRAF Mobile GIS) is an offline app for viewing maps and data, as well as creating and editing geographical objects (points, lines and surfaces) on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. GMGIS 2 sets coordinates in 3D format (X, Y, Z (Elevation)).

All relevant data and maps can be included in the field. Often, WiFi or mobile connection fails, but GMGIS 2 always works. When a connection is present, map updates can be sent from the app to the server and from the server back to the app.

The app is extremely user-friendly, and users do not need any prior knowledge of GIS or databases. Users can build their own button menu and thereby achieve a relevant and simplified UI for their tasks.

Setup of the app is performed using a web editor which makes it easy to create maps (Ortophoto and vector maps), and set up data / layers and themes.

GMGIS 2 is 100% integrated with common GIS applications, such as MapInfo, ArcGIS and GEOGRAF WebGIS. This means that when a geographical object, eg a well, is placed in the app, the corresponding data layer in the GIS application will be updated automatically.

GMGIS 2 contains various tools that can be purchased as needed, see also how the GMGIS 2 is adapted to Municipalities, Regions, the Supply Sector and Waterworks, Emergency Management and Agriculture.

Trimble GPS integration allows the app to measure with down to 1-2 cm accuracy, depending on the type of Trimble GPS you choose. The built-in GPS in a smartphone or tablet has an accuracy of only 3-5 meters.

Download a free demo app for iPad or Android with data and try for yourself:

Go to the App Store or Google Play and download "GMGIS 2" ​